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  1. thanks for all the st. catherine info. will be in siena next week and have always loved this saint and town.

    Comment by elizabeth | August 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hi Keith and Anne! Do you remember me? I teach English at PSU. We have met a few times, most notably in Siena in the Fall of 2001 when I was teaching for the second time here.

    I’m here again! and was researching info on Catherine for my travel writing class for next Monday and came upon your beautiful website and photos. So delighted. Especially delighted to see all the info about the parade on her feast day. Do you remember what time that occurred? I must include it in my lesson plans.

    I’m staying in town, but another apartment on via paradiso, sadly with no view except of the sky and one tiny corner of San Domenico.

    I’m going to spend the evening looking over the rest of http://wonderfulitaly.com/2007/06/08/rome-and-its-ancient-port-ostia-antica/your photos.

    Also, did you just got to La Foce and meet Benedetta or did you arrange a special tour? I really want to go there and meet her. We are reading some of the War Diary and Images and Shadows also. http://wonderfulitaly.com/2007/06/08/rome-and-its-ancient-port-ostia-antica/

    I know this is long–sorry I went on and on.

    Lorraine Mercer

    Comment by Lorraine Mercer | April 20, 2009 | Reply

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