Wonderful Italy

Exploring Italy via our travels — places, people, things…


In a Siena rose garden, 2004. This was almost 15 years ago! (new photo coming soon!)

Hi – this is Keith Chambers.   From 2004 to the present (2019) my wife Anne and I have visited Italy frequently, studied Italian, done some long distance walking, and enjoyed experiencing new places, new thinking, new people, and a wonderfully rich place.

This is not a blog per se, rather a collection of observations and descriptions of some of our adventures, with photos where we can.   You’ll also find tips here for enjoying Italy when you visit. Hope you enjoy our sharing.

PHOTO SETS accompany many of the entries — these were previoulsy on Picasa, but it has been discontinued.  We’ll soon post them here again — Stay tuned…

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(Background: I am a cultural anthropologist, as is Anne, both of us now retired;  We like to travel, explore, walk pilgrimage routes, study and improve our Italian)

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  1. hi there i came across your site while searching for something about the palio in 1340 in siena….. at the end og the race it mentions an angel wagon with ropes and choirboys …any idea what this is ?
    a fantastic site by the way

    Comment by elaine | June 6, 2011 | Reply

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